Thursday, February 26, 2009

What About the Weekend: At Home

Create your own stimulus package in your homespace. Spring is almost here, and soon we'll be able to open the windows wide and bring in some fresh air. I've found some beautiful and unique pieces on that'll make great additions where you live. Think handmade, think unique design, think repurposed materials, and you'll support some trendsetting artists.

Cork bulletin board from uncorked at (there are pushpins inside the test tube, as seen on the left side of the board!)

Nuno-felted blanket by tanisalexis of An original -- and light and warm.

Detail of tanisalexis' nuno-felted blanket.

Vanity cabinet with light from jeanpelle of Just the place to store all your accessories and doodads for your hair. Plus a light source! Very convenient.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey! I love the first photo. I agree with you, spring is almost there!! I need to open my windows and don't want to see snow anymore (just until next year!)

  2. Gorgeous pieces! I love the chair, very stylish.