Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Things Today

This coming spring we will probably make some hard and fast decisions on only one or two new things to get to celebrate the season. I was poking around today and found some great things to think about. I'm probably not buying too many clothes, but a strong necklace or an amazing pair of shoes will spice things up a little -- just enough to recognize the change of seasons and feel good.

Wearing a strong and colorful necklace will liven up even a white t-shirt and jeans. This one is by Lori Plyler of waterstonejewelry on Etsy.com.

Eco materials are being used in beautiful ways these days, and this is a great example. Seafinddesigns of Etsy.com finds the most amazing pieces of seaglass and turns them into perfect pieces of jewelry. Seaglass is one of nature's ways of recycling that turns a shard of old glass into a new treasure.

One of my passions is nuno-felting, a process of combining silk and wool into the most fanciful works of fabric. Glamourjunkie of Etsy.com is using one of this season's hottest colors to create a scarf that will warm you up without feeling wintery.

l: Yvette Cutout Bootie, r: Perforated Flat Boot

I admit, these shoes are more than a splurge. They are so expensive, they should be illegal. But if you can find a knock-off of these somewhere, go for it. These spring boots have a perforated leather calf and are really meant for walking. And the sandal/bootie is just the perfect shape for a skirt or dress and a beautiful pair of tights that can take you from now into the warmer days. These are by Loeffler Randall, and if my lottery ticket is actually a winner, these are what I'll splurge on!

This facial cleanser by Fresh is wonderful. It's silky and non-sudsing. I put this in today's spring mix because it has a light scent of cucumber, and that always makes me feel like the weather is getting warmer. This soy cleanser even takes off eye makeup gently and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. An added bonus is that one tube really lasts a long time.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature, Ann. Your photography is lovely!

  2. I love Lori's necklace! Just gorgeous! And seaglass is definitely one of my favorites. Great items!


    Wonderful taste. And thanks for stopping by! Your lovely comments always make me smile *hug*

  4. I love the first necklace. Nice choice!