Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Things Today

Wouldn't a couple of these be fantastic on a plate in the center of your dining table?

This winter season cannot end too quickly. The weather has been weird all across the US, and it's just getting tiresome. I spent a bit of time on tonight finding some cool things to freshen up your homespace without breaking the bank.
Spring colors, a comfy place to catch a little nap, and lovely knitting.

Maybe we can open our windows soon and some spring breezes will waft their way inside. Until then, lighten up and enjoy!

Bubbles & Bobbles Pillow Cover, a .pdf pattern from moocowhandknits at
I liked this so much I had to buy it. Knit this up in a sky-blue bulky yarn and bring some spring indoors. It's snowing again, so this knitting pattern will keep me busy while I dream about flowers.

When The Drama Club Is Not Enough, a book shelf made of a book, from LittleFishFurniture of
A great place to park your collection, and your friends will marvel at the magic of it.


  1. As always, good choices my dear! In Switzerland the weather is not good at all, rain, wind, snow... Summertime, when will you come?

  2. I love the items you've chosen. The shelf is great!

  3. I love the cupcake and the shelf!

  4. LittleFishFurniture, the shelf-maker has great feedback in their shop. I'm thinking of getting a couple for my work area!

  5. Great finds! And that bookshelf is so cool!