Thursday, December 31, 2009

To the Last Daylight of 2009

last light of December 31, Park City-style

My friend, Susan, introduced us to a new tradition -- toasting the last of the daylight of the year at sunset on New Year's Eve. Someday we will be able to look back on all the challenges of 2009 and see some good from it. For now, let's look forward and do all we can to make 2010 and the unfolding decade a terrific one!

Cheers, Suzu! Love and peace to all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mantra for 2010

This new year, it's all about diving in.
Happy, happy, happy New Year to all! Let's hope the start of the new decade brings great things to us all (we deserve them!).

Winter Visitors

I'm fortunate to live next to dedicated open space. We regularly see deer, elk, fox, pheasant, red-tail hawk, winter-white rabbit and moose. On a snowy Sunday recently, a mother and her daughter spent a good part of the day cavorting in our yard. I stood outside just 20 feet away from them and quietly took these images:

Moose are supposedly one of North America's most dangerous animals to humans, even more so than bears or wildcats. Getting between a mother and her calf can be a terrible thing, but on this day, Mom was not the least bit interested in me. Her daughter, however, seemed happy to pose.

Trying to Disappear

When I photograph families, sometimes it takes a little time for everyone to warm up. Not everyone is always comfortable facing a camera. I try to make people forget I'm there, in a way, while at the same time let my families get to know me a little bit. It's important for everyone to be comfortable and loose.

This little girl and her dad were very shy when we first met. I don't like shoving a camera in everyone's faces anyway, so we found a little playground and everyone relaxed.

as if I wasn't even there....


Happy New Year to everyone. Have a safe and happy celebration!