Monday, February 16, 2009

Cozy Winter Storm

They say winter is halfway over...

...My winter sweaters are getting a bit pilly, and my boots need a good cleaning. And, we won't mention the carpets in my car...they are salt-stained, muddy and horrible. Another winter storm is rolling in from the West Coast, and so Tuesday is going to be another day to stay cozy. Here are some great things to warm up my indoor space:

beside the fire, archival giclee print from PictureBookStudios of
Just My Cup of Tea, postcard from HeidiBurton of


  1. Great items! Your blog is just beautiful.

  2. Love your photography, and your new blog! Thank you for featuring my postcard :D
    The cup and saucer is a treasure, and I really like the print too!

  3. Three adorable items, you sure have great taste!

    Nothing is quite so depressing as pilly sweaters, is it?

  4. Thank you very much for featuring the c+s! congratulations on your new blog. the postcard is too sweet!