Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow on Bald Mt.-September 30

Park City, Utah, looking south toward Bald Mountain at Deer Valley

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seasons Change...And So Do I

Although I love the change of seasons, I can't help but mourn the end of summer. Here where I live, as with a lot of the rest of the US, summertime was too short. I'm going to miss it. But, the consolation is that autumn is here, and it's starting to get a bit stormy and cold weather is on its way.
Cascade Falls from AnnWilkinson Photography

An Apple A Day letterpress poster from Vik Design

Here's a reason to eat something healthy every day. Just because you might not be a kid any longer, it's still a lot of fun to put stickers on things. Find a great apple, peel off the sticker, eat the apple and stick that little apple sticker onto this poster. You are not only creating your own art, you are doing something healthy for yourself.

Mornings will still be chilly enough to warrant something to cover your hands. Why not have some freedom to find your keys, change or a tissue for your cold nose?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Dreams

I started thinking about what it feels like to break the smooth, glassy surface of a lake with your canoe paddle on a chilly autumn morning while the birds' chirping echoes all around. You sit back and watch the ripples in the water lap away and the water smooths once again. The next thing I knew I found all these canoe dreams on

Take this beautiful hand-made canoe out on your nearby lake.

This wooden toy boat will also probably do very well in your bathtub.
Is this a dream or what? I love this photograph! It makes me smile.
The ultimate gift for a special little person. Plus, it's versatile -- a cradle, a place to play, a way to see the world. I wonder how well it floats.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harvest, Hazy Autumn, and Desires

This summer was supposed to be relaxing. It wasn't. Things just kept heating up and life got really busy. I admit, I love being busy and I freak out a little when things slow down. Now, it's fall. The air is hazy and changes throughout the day -- crispy in the morning and gradually heating up to a toasty haze in the late afternoon. The crickets are singing a sustained, one-note song. I'm just relishing the last precious days of full-on color.

I acquired a wonderful client who makes incredibly beautiful and intricate off-loon hand-beaded & chainmaille jewelry. Here are a couple of photos of her work.

I also spent a few wonderful days in California, photographing a lovely wedding and a vineyard's first pick of their cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Finally, here's a necklace I'm really wanting. My friend, Jennifer Taranto of BellaLuceDesigns on, has a talent for finding the most amazing vintage beads, crystals and chain, and what she puts together is absolutely stunning.

As I write this blogpost from outside on my deck, there are five young deer prancing around right below me. I don't dare get up to get a closer look; they'll be spooked for sure. They are so lovely.
Happy Indian Summer!