Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harvest, Hazy Autumn, and Desires

This summer was supposed to be relaxing. It wasn't. Things just kept heating up and life got really busy. I admit, I love being busy and I freak out a little when things slow down. Now, it's fall. The air is hazy and changes throughout the day -- crispy in the morning and gradually heating up to a toasty haze in the late afternoon. The crickets are singing a sustained, one-note song. I'm just relishing the last precious days of full-on color.

I acquired a wonderful client who makes incredibly beautiful and intricate off-loon hand-beaded & chainmaille jewelry. Here are a couple of photos of her work.

I also spent a few wonderful days in California, photographing a lovely wedding and a vineyard's first pick of their cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Finally, here's a necklace I'm really wanting. My friend, Jennifer Taranto of BellaLuceDesigns on, has a talent for finding the most amazing vintage beads, crystals and chain, and what she puts together is absolutely stunning.

As I write this blogpost from outside on my deck, there are five young deer prancing around right below me. I don't dare get up to get a closer look; they'll be spooked for sure. They are so lovely.
Happy Indian Summer!

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