Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Dreams

I started thinking about what it feels like to break the smooth, glassy surface of a lake with your canoe paddle on a chilly autumn morning while the birds' chirping echoes all around. You sit back and watch the ripples in the water lap away and the water smooths once again. The next thing I knew I found all these canoe dreams on

Take this beautiful hand-made canoe out on your nearby lake.

This wooden toy boat will also probably do very well in your bathtub.
Is this a dream or what? I love this photograph! It makes me smile.
The ultimate gift for a special little person. Plus, it's versatile -- a cradle, a place to play, a way to see the world. I wonder how well it floats.


  1. Love all the great photos Ann but of course the nature writer's desk is my favorite!

    Thx for listing my blog is your interesting places. My blog has moved to a new location at Just wanted to share.

    Keep inspiring!