Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Night Under the Stars

Last night was a magical night. First, I got to help a good friend celebrate her birthday, and secondly, I got to treat my husband to an early birthday gift of his own -- a night hearing one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Jackson Browne. We took blankets, wine, cupcakes, cheeses, olives, bread and sat with about 2,200 others in Park City's Deer Valley Resort Ampitheater. Jackson ambled onstage and said a quiet hello without any fanfare and proceeded to play for the next two and a half hours without a break.

Deer Valley Resort Ampitheater

one of at least 4 guitars Jackson uses on stage

It occurred to me that concerts from my younger days would have been even more fun if we'd had the wherewithal to take a picnic and nice wines instead of warm beers and, well, not much else. Olives? Hardly.

A great night...
I'm still humming For A Dancer today.

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