Tuesday, January 13, 2009

no time like now....

Deep in the heart of winter, it's time to start thinking about getting involved with your local CSA. What's that, you ask? CSA is Community Supported Agriculture, and this is how you find the vegetables and fruits that are grown in your area. It's a healthy way to eat and it's a mindful way to live. It's a smart thing to buy your food from local sources -- it saves on energy when your food doesn't have to travel from other countries to reach you AND it's better for your health to eat locally-grown food.

Many local produce farms offer CSA shares. You can purchase a portion of the harvest from a particular farm, and that means you can get vegetables and fruits that are ripe and in-season and at their peak of flavor. The farmers either deliver to you, or they have set pickup dates and places for you to pick up your share. You can purchase as much as you need whether you are a large family or just cooking for you. You can also divide the shares with your neighbors. It's such a great community activity. Support your local farmer and live closer to the earth. Now is a good time to research participating farms, because some farms sell out their shares early in the growing season.

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