Friday, January 9, 2009

How About The Weekend?

Just look at this sewing pattern. You've got Valentine's Day covered with this sweet pattern set.
Maybe this is a good weekend to cozy up and try your hand at some fun gifts. Valentine's Day will be here soon. Here's a selection of really cool patterns I found for great items you can make yourself. All of these can be found at

This counted cross-stitch pattern looks pretty do-able and makes a versatile gift.

I purchased this knitted cowl pattern just yesterday. The directions are clear and concise, it uses just one skein of yarn and is knit on circular needles in the simple seed stitch. Jane, the pattern designer, is a lovely person.

Okay, if this doesn't look like fun, I just don't know what. You don't have to be a child to think of all the possibilities for fun inside this castle that fits over a table......... Let your imagination run rampant.

Thanks to buggabugs (Valentine assortment pattern), andwabisabi (cross-stitch pattern), Alterknits (knitted cowl pattern), and copycrafts (castle/table fort pattern) for their wonderful imagination and the keen ability to show the rest of us how to make these cool things.


  1. love the fort. I want one. do they make it for circle tables?

  2. I've just gone through a felt phase for my school project, and after that I told myself I won't make felt items for a long, long time. :) But that sweet pattern set is making me want to start all over again :)
    Thank you for including my cross stitch pattern ^^