Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trying New Stuff

Manmade stones set in sterling silver

I'm working on a bunch of product photography projects these days, and it is so much fun to collaborate with my clients and figure out the best way to showcase their beautiful merchandise.

In the midst of it all, I am also experimenting with some jewelry-photography techniques. What do you think of this presentation? I'd love to have some feedback on this -- when you look at photos of jewelry, do you like to see interesting backgrounds, or do you prefer a complementary color or just plain white? Is texture important? Is use of shadow okay? I love to get input...Let me know!


  1. When I saw the photo all I thought was "Ooooohhh I like that." It worked for me; I'll take it! Nice sparkle.

  2. you can borrow it anytime! thanks!!!

  3. Great picture. I like how the blue stands out.
    About background, I like complementary color and some texture, but kinda blur. Some matches with white, but not everything. Each piece has different impression, so background should match with that.
    I love your works! Thanks!