Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blog Recovery Mode

April has turned out to be a busy month for me. It's been so long between postings I'm incredibly embarrassed. I've been photographing all kinds of things -- sandals, candles, brides, adorable engaged couples, and greeting cards -- and I've been doing a lot of writing, too.

To take a break from editing an article I'm working on, I went diving through one of my picture folders and decided to work with an image I took in Vancouver, BC, right around Chinese New Year. It's going to be listed in my Etsy shop a bit later today.

Bicycles make me happy. I like bikes with fenders, reflectors, bookracks, and a little bit of rust for character. I remember all the bikes I've had in my life from the time I was six years old. The happiest thing about bikes is that you really never forget how to ride them.


  1. great photo ann!
    i love vancouver, it's one of my favorite cities!
    keep "snapping" and writing! :)

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  3. Bikes and Yikes!! Remember when your sister (not me) accidently sold your bike?