Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Photographs

Ann Wilkinson Photography
Climbing out of an artistic rut has been incredibly challenging.  I attended a seminar today led by photographer Scott Bourne, and he gave some great advice for improving one's photography.

First, take a photograph every day.  Knowing where every dial and button on the camera is located and knowing what every setting can do is the backbone of successful photography.

Second, read a different page of your camera's manual every day.  After reading it, do that thing with the camera (see the first item).

Hoboken Train Station 1981 by Peggy Sayben

Third, look at 100 photographs every day.  All great writers are also great readers; this is how photographers should emulate that practice.  So, here's what I found today from an excellent photographer, Peggy Sayben.

What happens tomorrow?  My camera accompanies me to the office...


  1. Great suggestions! I put my camera to good use this weekend while we were touring LI wineries. :) It's great to see a post from you, Ann!

  2. Hey Ann, thanks for the post. I need to learn more of how to use my camera and your/your teacher's suggestions are great ones. I've been trying to take my camera with me everywhere I go, just in case something interesting shows up. Sometimes they turn out, other times they don't, but we learn more and more with each shot that we take.